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India is tackling incorrect attitudes and health practices in menstruation

India is putting more effort to eliminate incorrect attitudes and health practices in menstruation.


Talking about Menstruation in India is a social taboo. Women in many homes are not allowed to cook nor touch anyone during their period as they are conceived as impure and dirty. Some women are even forced to sleep on the floor or even outside the house during menstruation.

When menstruation is considered to be a social stigma, it is common for girls to ignore the importance of safe and hygiene practices during their period or not being taught with the proper management in their cycles. Many Indian women cannot afford sanitary napkins and only half of the women aged 15 to 24 used napkins and tampoons in a National Family Health Survey. Some of them even use sand, ash or cow dung to act as a substitutes.

Having a poor hygiene practice can lead to infection easily. According to a study conducted by philanthropic organization Dasra, India women have 70 percent higher chance to suffer from reproductive tract infections due to their poor menstrual hygiene.

The government and NGOs have been trying to introduce the proper attitude and health practice to women, but also for men. They are teaching girls to make their own pads. Also, the organization recruited men to become volunteers to break the stereotypes around periods. It is necessary for genders to work together to normalize something that is just biology.

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