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Low Cost Heparin Could Fight COVID-19

A widely available and affordable drug, heparin, limits lung damage when inhaled by COVID-19 patients, according to world-first findings by researchers from The Australian National University (ANU). The researchers are coordinating multiple studies tracking hospital patients infected with SARS-CoV-2 in 13 countries who were given doses of inhaled heparin. ANU study lead Professor Frank van Haren …

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Hundreds in Istanbul protest for humanity

Hundreds of people in Istanbul have marched to the Greek consulate to protest the deaths of 19 migrants near Turkey’s border with Greece. The demonstration on Saturday, organised by Turkish humanitarian groups, saw about 300 protesters walk to the consulate behind a banner reading “Close borders to racism, open to humanity.” …

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Cyclone Batsirai makes landfall in Madagascar

Cyclone Batsirai has weakened overnight but floods are still expected due to heavy rain after it hit eastern Madagascar with strong winds. “Batsirai has weakened,” Meteo Madagascar said on Sunday, adding that the cyclone’s average wind speed had almost halved to 80 kilometres per hour, while the strongest gusts had …

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Environmental alert to Bogota due to Amazon fires

Forest fires that have raged for days in Colombia’s Amazon put its Andean capital, Bogota, on an environmental alert as bad air quality spanned an area the size of greater Paris, authorities said. Wind carried smoke from several fires blamed on armed groups some 350 kilometres (220 miles) to the …

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NATO troop movements in Europe

US troop reinforcements have begun arriving in Europe as fears over Russia’s troop build-up on Ukraine’s borders increase. The first contingent of 2,000 additional US soldiers arrived near Frankfurt overnight – with others touching down near Poland’s border with Ukraine. The White House says the troops will protect eastern NATO …

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