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Wedding Traditions in the world

Wedding traditions around the world are different. Each ceremony and culture indicates a different meaning. Most of the culture aims to bring luck and blessing to the new couples. Get to know more about the interesting culture.

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Sephora commits to contribute 15% of their inventory to Black-owned businesses in promoting a better platform for the black businessmen

Sephora, which is one of the top cosmetic retailers, promise to join the 15% Pledge campaign established by Aurra James. The campaign is to encourage retailers to contribute 15% of their inventory to Black-owned businesses. Sephora became the first retailer to join the campaign. The participation of Sephora is a …

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Fasting in Ramadan

Muslims fast between sunrise and sunset during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. They are not allowed to drink nor eat during the fasting. Pregnant women and senior citizens can be excluded. Young Muslims in Australia will tell you their experience.

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Benefits of having Ramadan during the pandemic

Ramadan is a big event for the Muslim. Under the attack of the coronavirus, Ramadan might be different than before. To know more about the benefits between the two, you cannot miss this video. It was held by Angela Ayaz who is a teacher and a mum. The video will discuss about: -how …

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Enjoy the song about Ramadan fasting produced by Uzbekistan artist

This video clip, prepared in Uzbekistan, spread to other Turkic states. “Ramadan Keldi Ramadan” video, which Uzbek artists performed with citizens, broke records on social media and became the subject of news on many TV screens. “Ramazan keldi ramazan” is a wonderful hymn-style voiceover in the Chagatay Turkish (Uzbek Turkish) …

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