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Germany warns Israel for the West Bank annexation plans which violate the international law and obstruct two-state peace agreement

Israel Prime Minister Rosh HaMemshala plans to annex parts of the occupied West Bank, which is criticized by Germany. Israel Prime Minister said last month that he wanted to grab the change to annex parts of the West Bank despite breaking international law. Germany being one of its closest allies …

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Chinese Ambassador was found dead in Israel

Chinese’s Ambassador to Isreal Du Wei was found dead in his apartment on Sunday, according to the Israeli foreign ministry. 58-year-old Chinese Ambassador Du Wei arrived in Israel in February after served as ambassador in Ukraine for 3 years. He was found dead in his home in Herzliya. The police were …

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Israelis express their dissatisfaction over Netanyahu’s attacks against the country’s democratic systems without violating the social distancing guidelines

Israelis gather in the square in the heart of Tei Aviv, protesting against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with people standing two meters apart under the social distancing guidelines. Israeli flag and plain black flags were held up to make metaphors for the attack regarding the country’s democratic system carried out …

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Israeli court rules against exposing Israel’s role in Bosnian genocide

  Gravestones at the Potočari genocide memorial near Srebrenica [Michael Büker/Wikipedia] December 9, 2016 at 1:39 pm Israel’s Supreme Court recently ruled against exposing Israel’s role in the Bosnian genocide, rejecting a petition that sought official details of Israeli defence exports to the former Yugoslavia. According to the report in …

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