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Kendall Jenner launches a new collection featuring the pandemic to light up the world in the pandemic.

Kendall Jenner launches collection featuring the pandemic to give a little joy to the world in the pandemic. Celebrities have tried to be creative in their ways to go through the pandemic. Kendall Jenner has announced to release her collection on Instagram stories. Jenner runs the Zaza World creative collective with her …

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More about luxurious clothes

This video tells you how luxurious clothes are made. All of them are hand made which takes months to make a piece of branded cloth. Those special made cloth can be worn by celebrities in the red carpet and also can be brought as a collection.

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Bad eating habits can weaken our immune system

Maintaining a good immune system is very important, especially in the pandemic. People get a wrong concept in strengthening their bodies through the internet. Having a wrong habit for a long time can be a disaster for the body. Let’s find out what kinds of habit that damage our bodies. Skipping …

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