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#時間才是你最大的成本 小時候什麼都沒有只知道時間慢長。現在已經覺得只有一懶惰,彷彿就會被趕上的年紀。 分享4個覺得挺有意思 有關時間的 #語錄 : 1️⃣事情沒有太晚的開始只有你提早讓它結束 2️⃣別花上一輩子的時間重複過著同樣的每一天 3️⃣改變靠的不是瞬間而是時間 4️⃣人生很長但沒有長到可以浪費青春 襯現在還有衝勁,在此先定立今年內 #YouTube 每周四發送新影片!感謝朋友在製作上義務幫忙(真的衷心感激😣) ,為了報答朋友們支持,自己更要花雙倍努力! Youtube Channel目標1k Subscribion!! 所以你們先搜索🔎Anita Cheung 訂閱一下我的生活理財頻道吧 https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC0r_jzSR8BajzMYAxzmnOMA 好,沒事的話,我先去拍片了🙄 #時間像流沙

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Now McDonald’s Is Reportedly Trying to Sell a Chunk of Its Business in This Country

An employee of McDonald's Japan serves the new menu "Vegetable Chicken Burger" as the company president Sarah Casanova announces the new business strategy at a restaurant in Tokyo on May 21, 2015. McDonald's Japan unveiled a revamped business strategy and a new menu on May 21 as it looks to put a damaging contamination scandal behind it. AFP PHOTO / Yoshikazu TSUNO        (Photo credit should read YOSHIKAZU TSUNO/AFP/Getty Images)

  McDonald’s Corp is inviting bids for a significant stake in its Japan unit McDonald’s Holdings Co Japan Ltd, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing people familiar with the situation. The fast-food company owns just under 50% of its Japanese unit, and is looking to sell up to 33%, with …

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