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What does the coronavirus brought to China apart from millions of deaths?

ThinkChina editor Chow Yian Ping and eminent historian Professor Wang Gungwu from the National University of Singapore are sharing their perspectives on the impact brought by coronavirus to China. Chow: The Covid-19 pandemic has unleashed anti-China and anti-Chinese sentiments around the world. Within China, Chinese nationalist feelings have also risen sharply. How will the world’s …

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Reopening can be a new opening door to the coronavirus

Dr. Anthony Fauci predicted the consequences if the nation reopened too soon. The state should focus on vaccine development, disease projections and the importance of social distancing and the economy. “Too soon” is “now” while 41 states are reopening stores like gyms, restaurants and hairdressers and public spaces. Large-scale reopening makes social distancing hard to achieve. …

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