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Leaders in the world need to connect with their people as most of them feel unsatisfied with their performance in controlling the virus

Anti-American feelings within China is growing rapidly in the pandemic. More respondents in a survey agreed that China does a better job of controlling the coronavirus than the US. Dalia Research and the Alliance of Democracies Foundation underwent a survey in 53 countries with 120,000 people included. Most people in …

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China’s global Belt and Road plans are threatened by the growing tension with the U.S. as Romanian requests a company to stop the negotiation with its Chinese partner

As tension between China and the U.S. increases, China’s global belt and road plan will be obstructed as most countries tend to stand with Washington. Being one of the strong ally of the U.S., the Romanian government requested a nuclear company Nuclearelectrica to terminate negotiations with its Chinese partner on …

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Germany warns Israel for the West Bank annexation plans which violate the international law and obstruct two-state peace agreement

Israel Prime Minister Rosh HaMemshala plans to annex parts of the occupied West Bank, which is criticized by Germany. Israel Prime Minister said last month that he wanted to grab the change to annex parts of the West Bank despite breaking international law. Germany being one of its closest allies …

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