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The fashion industry is turning face mask into fashion accessories

Designers are making luxury mask to match it with the outfit. The fashion insider will discuss the pop out-trend with us.


The pandemic has fostered a healthy habit in our daily lives: wearing a face mask when social distancing is not possible. It also creates a new market in the fashion industry.

Fashion Magazine editor never think that mask can become one of the accessories in the fashion industry. As wearing face mask has become a part in our lives, it is not surprising for it appears to be a fashion item. Designers and celebrities showing off their beautiful masks is so common now. Famous fashion magazine Vogue has published articles about the guideline in stylish masks. Face mark is not only about protection, but also a platform to show your style.

It adds creativity into something we use every day in the pandemic. People do not need to wear a standard medical masks all the time. More options are provided to people. For the good side, it also encourages people to wear mask. We are allowed to have more fun to create a look with a matchy mask and outfit.

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