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A British entrepreneur shares her experience in racism in London

Deborah Okenla, the founder of YSYS, shared her personal experience in helping the black community and the racism that she faced.

Okenla started her business three years ago. The startup started the “Where Are the Faces?” campaign. They wrote an open letter to the Mayor of London to ask him to take intersectionality into consideration when cooperating with organizations aiming to help women to work in the technology industry. As a result, the Diverse Entrepreneurship Summit has organized every year to help women, black and minority ethnic communities, disabled people to start their own business.

She mentioned that racism in London has not been discussed. People might pick on the black people with no specific reason. People tends to see them as something other but not like a person.

Her companies had moved one of their co-working space as the staff was dissatisfaction about disproportionate number of people of color visiting. Worse still, some officials will treat black boys as if they were a grown men.

It is fortunate that the world is facing racism that have existed for centuries. Local authorities in London agrees to track the demographics of those it supports before making changes as they are needed.

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