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Around 100,000 children lost parents due to Covid in Peru

Peru’s overall Covid deaths per capita are highest in the world. leaving many children across the country to deal with the loss of their caregivers.

Covid-19 has killed at least one parent or primary caregiver for nearly 100,000 children in Peru, the country with the world’s highest coronavirus death rate.

“Unfortunately our country has almost 98,000 children who lost their father, mother or guardian during the pandemic,” Peru’s Minister of Women Anahi Durand said on Thursday, citing figures published in the medical journal The Lancet.

Peru leads the world in overall Covid deaths per capita, with more than 6,000 Peruvians per million having died from the disease.

The government currently provides a pension of $50 (200 soles) every two months to more than 18,000 families.

Durand hopes to expand the benefit to cover psychological and educational support and to reach more than 83,000 children and adolescents.

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