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Middle East, Latin America, Africa and South Asia is facing a widespread of coronavirus

Passengers from an international flight are screened for their temperature at Juba International Airport in Juba, South Sudan on January 31, 2020. – South Sudan’s international airport has implemented more rigorous health screenings after the World Health Organisation declared the Nova Coronavirus a global health emergency on January 30, 2020. (Photo by Alex McBride / AFP) (Photo by ALEX MCBRIDE/AFP via Getty Images)

The coronavirus is spreading quickly in the global now having over 100,000 new confirmed cases per day. The increasing trend is obviously noticeable in densely populated, low- and middle-income countries in the Middle East, Latin America, Africa and South Asia.

The number of new confirmed infectious cases in Egypt has doubled last week. Conflict between President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi and doctors was built in a lake of protective equipment and related training. As for Brazil, its total death toll increased 32,000 on Thursday having 1,349 deaths each day. Cases in Bangladesh has increased up to 55,000.

Many hoped that hot weather, youthful populations or some unknown epidemiological factor can make them survive in the pandemic. The growing numbers of coronavirus case become a bad news for those populist leaders who praise their work in vaunting low infection rates in their countries in the early stage.

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