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News Today 19/06/2020

Taiwan provides humanitarian support to Hong Kong residents who will be prosecuted under the new national security law.

US Supreme Court says Trump’s plan on ending the immigration plan for children is illegal.

WHO: coronavirus vaccine should be produced at the end of this year.

Turkey is worried about a second wave of coronavirus when daily new cases has doubled up.

China says the US needs to pay the price for passing a new law on the arbitrary detentions in the Xinjiang region.

Police in Atlanta was accused of walking off the job as an officer was charged with aggravated assault in killing Rayshard Brooks.

Joe Biden beat Donald Trump in a new general election polling.

Trump responses to the development of vaccine progress.

Goldman Sachs projects renewable investment will outweigh oil in 2021.

MLB might be canceled due to the money fight between owners and players.

People are waking up to fight for their fundamental right.

Which suncream is working for you?

Wedding Traditions in the world.

How do couples get married in the pandemic?

Social distancing in the public area.

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