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Protesters closed the country’s major highways in ‘day of rage’

Taxi and truck drivers blocked main highways and roads throughout the country in protest over worsening economic conditions.

A general strike by public transportation and labor unions has paralysed Lebanon as the country suffers one of the world’s worst economic crises.

Thursday’s strike comes as the country’s ruling class has continued to do almost nothing to try and pull the country out of its meltdown rooted in decades of corruption and mismanagement.

Protesters closed the country’s major highways as well as roads inside cities and towns starting at 5AM local time. The nationwide protests, dubbed a “day of rage,” are scheduled to last 12 hours.

Taxi and truck drivers used their vehicles to block roads to protest a sharp increase in fuel prices as the government lifted subsidies. Their demand is to get subsidised fuel again.

Universities and schools were closed all over Lebanon and many people were not able to reach work because of road closures.

In the capital of Beirut, many roads were blocked by giant trash bins and vehicles.

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