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MLB might be canceled due to the money fight between owners and players

MLB requested the union to cooperate to come up with a solution for the resumption in upcoming Major League Baseball this season and training in spring.

The chance of cancellation on Major League Baseball this season has become higher as the commissioner’s office told players’ association it will not resume the schedule on if the threat of legal action by the union is settled.

MLB informed the union the schedule and a date for the resumption of spring training would be announced when the union promise to waive claims that MLB went against the March 26 agreement between the sides either if the union agreed to an expedited grievance procedure. MLB said there will pose a obstacle when the dispute was not solved.

MLB has offered three economic offers. It promises on Friday to pay players 70% of their salaries when part a 72-game schedule starting in July 14 and to increase the total to 80% if the whole season is completed. While the one of the two plans are holding their position with no extra pay cuts were accepted beyond the prorated salaries for 2020 that they had agreed to on March 26.  Union head Tony Clark stated on Saturday that the conversation with MLB was futile.

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