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Turkey’s Erdogan wants better relations with EU

Turkiye’s President Erdogan calls on the European Union to stop “sabotage of Turkish-European relations by hiding behind pretext of solidarity within bloc.”

This year the European Union should cast aside its “shortsightedness” and “act more bravely to improve ties” with Turkiye, the nation’s president has said.

At the annual meeting with the ambassadors of the EU member states on Thursday, Recep Tayyip Erdogan said relations between Turkiye and the EU are being “sabotaged” by hiding behind a pretext of solidarity within the bloc.

He said the EU must work against such an approach, adding that some member states should “abandon their approach of solving their problems with Turkiye in the corridors of the union.”

Turkiye has “worked towards establishing a dialogue and a diplomatic relationship with the EU. In addition to high-level visits and talks, we also took part in high-level dialogues on climate change, security, migration, and healthcare,” said Erdogan.

But these many positive steps by Turkey “did not meet the response we had expected from the EU,” said the president, decrying the “stalling tactics” from the bloc it faced instead.

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