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Recovered coronavirus patients sharing their experience in fighting with the disease

After weeks of the outbreak, millions of infected people have recovered from the coronavirus. Recovered patients in Turkey would love to share their experiences with the world.


The senior couple

They suddenly felt ill in a night with high fevers. An ambulance took them to the hospital after reporting their worsening health status to the medical unit. They thought they had got infected on a trip from Bolu to Istanbul. The couple had separated into different rooms once they arrived. But after a while, they were allowed to stay together.

After 15-day treatment, they were discharged and back to their home. They said that the medical staff took food care to them. At that time, they felt helpless though the medical team had spent a lot of effort. The experienced was described as the darkest moment to keep her mental resilience against the disease. They could do nothing but praying days and nights.

The doctor


The doctor Ahmet Cem Özuğuz, who is specialize in infectious disease, was surprised by the power of the coronavirus. The speed of citrus multiplies in his lung that is out of expectation like “a horror movie”. Though treated countless pneumonia patients, he had not seen anything like it. The virus had destroyed and wiped out his lungs in a short period of time.

He discovered it when he got a slight fever. Blood test and lung examination showed normal but not for the CT scan. He planned to stay in the hospital for four to five days when he had just discovered it. He turned out to stay for 20 days and lost 12 kilograms during his fight with the virus. His liver and lungs also showed signs of permanent damage.

“The simplest thing to do during this time is to stay at home to break the cycle of transmission,” Özuğuz said.


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