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Trump fails to convince Russia to become its allies in fighting against China

The United States President Donald Trump suggested getting Russia, India, South Korea and Australia back to the G7 this year on May 30. Britain and Canada raise concerns in the involvement of Russia for its outlaw behavior while Russia shows no interest in joining the G7 without China.

Trump suggested to bring Russia back to the Group of 7 which was formerly known as the Group of 8. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said his country was pleasant to consider any proposals about participating the G8.

The story changed after Russia noticed that China was not invited to the G7. Recently, Putin has expressed his willingness in bring Russia back to G8 but he was doubtful on its effectiveness when China and India was not involved in the meeting.

Trump’s proposal could be explained either by his attempts to get public eyes out of the fact that German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s rejected his invitation to a meeting in Washington or to hinder China’s global rise and arrange a global backlash against it. China was blamed by its poor management in controlling the spread of coronavirus and misconduct involving Hong Kong, Taiwan, Xinjiang, the trade war, its technology program “Made in China 2025” and to name but a few.

To help regain his trust with voters in the coming presidential election, Trump wants to make China look like an isolated and abandoned by its partners by getting its close allies to the G7 but without China’s participation. However, the bilateral bonding between Russia and China is deeper than Trump thought. Both leaders have frequent telephone conversation on March 19, April 16 and May 8, which indicates the continuation of the Russia-China bromance.

There is no benefit for Russia to give up the close relationship with China just for a “close club” without true representation. Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova described G7 as a “close club” and can bearly possible to implement serious global initiatives without the participation of China. Russia also stressed that other official multilateral platforms like G20 and BRICS are representative enough with the active participation of China, which indicates that Russia has no reason to discuss the global issues on the platforms where China is missing.

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