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WHO might be too reliant on China to provide information on the coronavirus

China officials delayed releasing research or information about the coronavirus to the World Health Organization after WHO’s praise. WHO maybe to rely on China while it does no analysis of the virus.


The Association Press has discovered that Chinese officials only released the genetic map of the coronavirus to WHO but without providing detailed information like designing tests, drugs and vaccines. It is due to the strict controls on data and fierce competition in the Chinese public health system.

Health officials released the genome only after a Chinese lab issued it in a virology website on Jan. China then delayed to provide more details as needed to the WHO, according to recordings of several internal meetings with the U.N. health agency in January. Those details could have slowed down the outbreak of coronavirus.

WHO officials are seeking a way to get more information related to the virus without angering Chinese authorities or harming Chinese scientists. Dr. Michael Ryan, WHO’s emergency chief, said WHO should do its own independent research to prevent other nations to point their figures to China.

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